Happy 35th Birthday Eureka!

This year the Eureka network turns 35 years old!
In 1985, at the Élyssée Palace, the Hanover and the Paris declaration was signed, thus, officially founding Eureka.


Every year the anniversary is celebrated at a venue in the country holding the chairmanship, however, in the present year this was not possible due to the pandemic. Instead, A COVID-safe series of podcasts took place, covering statements by many high-level speakers on topics relevant to Eureka and the global research and innvoation landscape.

Notorious key notes were received from various entities, from Minister Bódis (HU), Deputy Minister Doleček (CZ), Minister Heitor (PT), State Secretary Keijzer (NL), State Secretary Lukas (GER), Minister Schramböck (AT), Minister Solloway (UK), and EU Commissioner Gabriel. Additionally, chairpersons of the Clusters Public Authority Committee and Clusters Committee, as well as directors of various NFBs and Miguel Belló, incoming chairman, provided their contributions.

35 years later, with 7,500 R&D projects and 45 member countries, the Eureka network is thriving and more relevant than ever.