Global Innovation Summit 2022

Marking one year of the Portuguese Eureka Chairmanship, the Global Innovation Summit 2022 brought together political leaders, researchers, and companies worldwide to discuss a sustainable future for the planet. Companies from 90 countries, around 150 speakers and more than 1700 people registered for the event, which, among various sessions, had as some of the most prominent themes the preservation of oceans, the potential of space science and the reformulation of policies to promote sustainability.

The event counted with several panels and keynote presentations, covering topics ranging from human security and the use of technology to predict and mitigate impacts caused by natural disasters, to the need to design more sustainable business centres and the shift, from mass production to the ecological footprint, in decision making. Throughout both days the importance of innovation for the protection of our oceans and a sustainable future for society and the planet was addressed recurrently. In addition to the work carried out for this matter, aerospace collaborations were also featured in the GIS 2022. It was also an opportunity to host the Eureka Innovation Awards, presented to the best innovation projects being developed throughout the countries that are part of the network, and for a Pitch on Innovative SMEs.

The Portuguese chairmanship of the Eureka network has allowed to cement the potential of this which is the largest intergovernmental network dedicated to cooperation and funding for innovation projects. “Eureka is no longer a group of European countries with some friends from outside. Eureka is, from now on, a global platform“, concluded Miguel Bello, Chairperson and CEO of the Portuguese Chairmanship of the Eureka network and the AIR Centre, at the closing session. Joana Mendonça, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Innovation Agency (ANI), congratulated the creation of a fund for Ukrainian startups, as well as the workshops held over the two days.

Elvira Fortunato, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education found that “companies and managers from more than 90 countries” were represented in GIS 2022, which demonstrates that “Eureka is a reference inside and outside Europe“. The minister also said that the Memorandum of Understanding, signed during the Ministerial Meeting, “will strengthen cooperation in four important areas: European small and medium-sized innovation enterprises, global cooperation in research and innovation, within the framework of the European Research Area and the European Innovation Agenda“.

Recognising all the added value that the Portuguese chairmanship allowed to generate for Eureka, the 45 countries belonging to the network approved the extension of the Portuguese chairmanship until the end of the year. Portugal is one of the members who founded the Eureka network in 1985, through an agreement with the European Commission, this being the third time it has taken over the presidency. Since its inception, the Eureka network has supported with €40 billion, 50,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, higher education institutions and research centres, totaling 7,000 research and development projects.

See the full event summary on the Global Innovation Summit 2022 website.