Eureka Network Meeting 01

The first network meetings under the Portuguese Eureka Chairmanship took place in Porto on 22 to 24 November 2021 with several in-person and online delegations participating.

On 22 November, we hosted a meeting on the Clusters’ sustainability call for projects. After this, we were very pleased to sign a memorandum of intent between the European Space Agency (ESA), Eureka Association AISBL and CELTIC-NEXT Cluster (represented by EURESCOM GmbH) on a joint coordination with CELTIC-NEXT. Simultaneously, the first business-to-business sessions (B2B) took place, followed by three workshops on the Clusters, Globalstars and the partnership on Innovative SMEs.

In the afternoon, after the final workshop, we hosted the National Project Coordinator meeting, where many topics were discussed, including eligibility criteria, Eureka projects portfolio, data, communications, and updates from the network.

The second day of the Eureka network meetings started with a second B2B session, and the High-level Group and National Project Coordinator meeting, which tackled Eurostars-2, the partnership on innovative SMEs, Clusters and Globalstars, with a focus on the outcomes of the Clusters workshop.

The first High-level Group meeting took place after lunch. Global cooperation and the membership of non-European countries was a central theme, as well as the memorandum of understanding due to be signed with the European Commission.

The third and final day had one more B2B sessions and a second High-level Group meeting, which continued with the topics discussed during the previous meeting. Finally, we held the General Assembly, which was dedicated to topics like the Risk and Audit Committee and other Eureka Secretariat management activities.

Check out the video summary below: