Eureka Network Meeting 03

The third and last Eureka Network Meeting took place in the city of Cascais, from the 20th to the 21st June 2021.

On the 20th, the NPC Meeting started at 9:30, presenting the current status of Eureka Projects as well as the recommended ones for HLG endorsement. Following the analysis of the portfolio, it was concluded that, with the collaboration of all countries a dashboard could be elaborated and printed with all the main indicators, which would be a great accomplishment and outcome of the work performed. The next meeting was the Innovative SMEs Coordination Group (ISCG), focusing on the Eurostars-3 and points to discuss on the next meeting. The last meeting of the afternoon was the Innovative SMEs (IS) HLG, which picked up on the theme of the Eurostars-3, with the approval of the timeline for call 4, considering the mitigation measures approved beforehand, as well as the details for the first call of INNOWWIDE. During this day, it also took place the signing of the Grant Agreement.

The second day started with the NPC/HLG meeting, reporting the previous topics discussed, and tackling the Clusters programme, its updates and Criteria and Process necessary for establishing a new Clusters. The meeting ended with a summary of the Chairmanship year, under a Portuguese chair, the goals presented at the beginning and the achievement of results. During the HLG meeting, the Regulatory Corpus regarding the Membership of non-European countries was revised and the High-Level-Group recommended the full membership of both South Korea and Canada, as well as the reassociation of Chile. The meeting also posed the opportunity to approve the MoU, between Eureka and the European Commission, to be signed during the Ministerial along with the Communiqué to be presented during the same meeting. The last topic to be addressed was the future Chairmanship, including the Contingency Plan for Chair after Portugal and the prolongation of the current Chairmanship. Finally, the General Assembly took place, focusing on the revision of the Statutes of the Eureka Association and the appointment of Ricardo Conde, president of Portugal Space, as President of the Eureka Association until the end of the year, as well as the participants for the Executive Board.