Eureka Network Meeting 02

The second Network Meeting under the Portuguese Eureka Chairmanship took place in Terceira Island in Azores, from 15 to 17 March 2022 with several in-person and online delegations participating.

It started along with some sessions of the Atlantic Innovation Week, an event happening in parallel, the NPC meeting and INNOWWIDE workshop, followed by the HLG/NPC meeting on the second day, concluding with a second HLG and General Assembly on the third and last day of the event. Bilateral meetings were part of the agenda during the three working days.

On March 15th the first business-to-business (B2B) sessions took place, followed by two workshops of National Project Coordinator meeting, where various topics were discussed, including the Eureka projects portfolio, the Eureka Innovation Award, data, communications, and several updates from the network. Finally, in the afternoon, the INNOWWIDE workshop took place, providing the opportunity to discuss the partnership on Innovative SMEs, followed by a second B2B session.

The second day of the Eureka network meetings started with another B2B session, and the High-level Group and National Project Coordinator (HLG/NPC) meeting, which tackled Eurostars-2, the partnership on innovative SMEsGlobal Cooperation, the Eureka Project Management Platform and the Eureka Cluster Programme.

The third and final day had one more B2B session, the HLG meeting and General Assembly, which was dedicated to a wide range of topics such as the Eureka Membership of non-European countries, future chairmanships, memorandum of understanding, and other Eureka Secretariat management activities.

Check out the video summary below: