Eureka meets the Atlantic 04

The 4th Eureka Meets the Atlantic, the last of this series of events, promoted by the Portuguese Eureka Chairmanship, took place on the 21st of April, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, focusing on the topic of local to global innovation for the sustainable development of cities.

Organized by the Portuguese Chairmanship of the Eureka Network and supported by the MIT Portugal Program, the event aimed to discuss coastal cities, how these are affected by sea level rise and extreme weather events, and how there is a need for a transition to smart, resilient eco-cities through a more sustainable and dynamic city planning and design.

The event started with a keynote address and a presentation on the Eureka Funding Mechanisms and Globalstars, followed by a panel addressing the design and creation of the coastal cities of the future, which had presentations by representatives of various coastal cities. The afternoon began with a discussion on how cutting-edge research is contributing to sustainable and resilient coastal cities solutions, as well as the public policy challenges posed on the path to smart sustainable cities. After a panel on entrepreneurship for sustainable cities, the event was closed with a wrap-up of all discussions and few statements regarding the next steps towards creating a network of smart sustainable coastal cities.