Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022

Launch of the Call 1 February 2022
PO submission deadline 2 May 2022
FPP submission deadline 30 September 2022


The Eureka network together with the Clusters CELTIC-NEXT, EUROGIA, ITEA, SMART and Xecs join forces to accelerate sustainability across their focus areas.


The Call is open to SMEs, Large Enterprises, Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs), and Academia.

Targeted challenges

In the global context of digital and green transitions, addressing sustainability and tackling energy and resource issues is essential. The Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022 is designed to stimulate innovations in these important areas, through the creation of transnational collaborative projects.

More on the challenges here:

WHY participate

Participating in the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022 offers large benefits:

  • Be boosted to become a front runner in your sustainability application area
  • Receive national funding with an expected success rate over 30%
  • Access a large network of organisations from countries in Europe and beyond (incl. Canada, Singapore, South Africa and South Korea)
  • Be part of a flexible programme with bottom-up and market-driven idea generation, initiated by businesses and knowledge institutes
  • Get coaching and support from experts throughout the development and the execution of your project, with the possibility of having up to two Clusters providing this coaching and support

Call timeline

Launch of the Call                         1 February 2022

PO submission deadline              2 May 2022

FPP submission deadline             30 September 2022

More information

For more information regarding this Joint Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022, please visit