By consenting to the conditions presented in this form, the person irrevocably acknowledges that they authorize the capture of their participation in the event and that transfer and assign, without expectation of compensation or other remuneration, to the EUREKA PT Chairmanship*, their image and related rights to use all or part of their participation, whether it is a recording of their likeness and/or voice, during the performance of the event in question.

Furthermore, the person declares, irrevocably, to also authorize the editing, fixing, reproduction and dissemination of their likeness and voice, in whole or in part, animated or not, captured individually or collectively, in all forms and by all means, on any medium that that is, without temporal or territorial limit, within the scope of any initiative or action of the (company), waiving from now any rights or compensation that might eventually ensue from this use.

Additionally, the person acknowledges that for the transfer of their image and related rights, as well as for the consent to capture, edit, fix, reproduce and disseminate their image and voice, as referred to in the preceding paragraph, no consideration is owed to then or remuneration and that, as such, they will not require any payments or credits arising therefrom.



The collection and processing of personal data provided by members of activities promoted by Geisa Rosa, namely, those collected through forms, documents or other means, in any type of support, are subject to the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection available at https: //, also applicable to the exercise of rights by the data subject, under the terms of the legislation in force.

If the holder of personal data does not have the means to access the Internet, the entities involved will make the aforementioned policy available in paper form.

*The entities responsible for the Portuguese presidency of EUREKA and processing of these data are AD AIR Centre, FCT and ANI.